Business owners’ NEW “lunchtime learning” online training…
“Unlock the Genius of Great Sales Language – 7 Ways to Present Price so You Close More Often and Make More Money”
Friday May 27, 2016
12:30 PM - 1:15 PM AEST Brisbane Time
Price presentation, which directly relates to your conversions is RARELY talked about. But it’s one of the real GENIUSES of GREAT sales language. On this “must attend” short but content and example rich webinar you’ll see NEW ways to think about and present your value. So…
Join me and discover….
  • The ONLY feeling you ever want a prospect to have when they see your price and how to achieve it.  
  • The #1 authentic way to present price which turns traditional sales practice on its head. 
  • The dreaded “sticker shock”, why it kills sales and the easiest way to combat it  
  • How to visually present your price so it looks and feels “small” eve when you deal with BIG numbers
  • Yep, size matters – when to strategically use this click on the copywriter’s dial which leaves them in no doubt about your value
  • The simple technique which anchors value that’s responsible for probably millions $$$ in sales in the last 20 years alone
  • Plus more
This free training could make you thousands of extra dollars in your next promotion if you IMPLEMENT what you learn. Only 50 seats are available so click the button NOW. A short form will appear – enter your details and hit the “register” button.
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