Yes, Steve… I’m Serious and I want to be Part of
“Crack the Copywriting Mastercodes”
Your Ultimate Asset-Building Bootcamp 
Here’s what awaits you…
Our funky converted church was a hit…
Teach, template and do system works…
Yep, we got shit done…
And what you create can still work years later…
Next training…
July 16-17

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Payment Option 

Refundable $250 booking fee secures your seat.

Expiration Date

What you get… 
  • Single ticket to “Crack the Copywriting Mastercodes” 2-Day Training – $1,450 value
  • Bring a partner – just an extra $550 
  • Big Idea Strategy Power Call - $350.00 value FREE
  • Your Newly Written Marketing Funnel Critiqued - $1,500 value FREE
  • Morning/afternoon teas, and lunch on both days - $200 value FREE
  • Huge 34-page Swipe File – priceless, included FREE

Total Value       $3,500.00

You Pay Just     $1,450 

Saves You         $2,050

Fewer than 12 seats remain – this is perhaps the only time this year 
Steve Plummer will run a training event on this lucrative subject –  it’s now or never.

My “Come for FREE - Pay Later Only if You Want to Guarantee”

YES! You read it right, you can come for Day 1 of this 2-day LIVE training event and then at 6pm, after a FULL day of training, decide if you want to stay and pay for the rest of it. If you do decide to stay (and I’m betting you will), you can still take the payment plan and pay for your full tuition after the event.

All I’m asking is that you pay a REFUNDABLE $250 booking fee to secure your seat. This is designed to show me you are DEADLY SERIOUS about attending this business transformation event. If you are not, I would rather you stay at home. I’m either crazy, confident or both!
By registering, I understand and accept these conditions…
  • I understand you and your trainers have spent many years and invested a great deal of time and money to learn and perfect this knowledge and I agree treat it with respect
  • I agree to play “full tilt” at the training so I get the most out of my 2 days
  • I understand this is going to be a fun but intensive hands on training and I’m ready to get to work
  • I understand if I’m bringing a friend for just an extra $550 (total $2,000) any spitting of the total ticket is between me and my guest
  • I understand right now the refundable $250 booking fee is all that will be deducted from my credit card… and… my details will be kept on file only until the end of Day 1 of the training whereby one of two things will happen: first, in the unlikely event I do not want to stay for the entire event I will receive my deposit back and my details will be destroyed; or, because I decide to stay my credit card will be charged for the balance owning ($1,200) to go with the deposit of $250 for a total commitment of $1,450 for 2 full days of training; after this transaction my details will be destroyed
  • I agree to attend all sessions so I get most benefit out of the 3 days and give myself the best chance of success
Others speak out…
Big difference compared to other seminars… I actually learnt stuff 
“Had an awesome weekend, there is a big difference compared to the seminars I have attended and your training, I actually learnt stuff with you instead of just absorbing information… Steve is a wealth of information and doesn’t hold back anything, ask a question, you get an answer you can understand. Not to mention all the insider secrets he gives away freely… If you are thinking of doing any of Steve’s training, stop thinking and just do it.” Scott Ferguson, Noosa 

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